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Serious question for everybody making comics right now:



When established creators talk about changes in the industry decentralising audiences and reducing the scope and scale of ‘success’, how does that affect your sense of ambition?

Do you think the major stardom of certain past cartoonists is out of reach for…

Exactly this. If there ever was an established “on-ramp” to being a professional cartoonist, it wasn’t very accessible to most people with the ambition. And now we have basically everyone able to access the on-ramp — the Internet — but the destination isn’t defined. A lot of comics creators I know basically have to consider getting something out the door a win. The way people consume comics (especially webcomics), you’ll get eyes but you’ll be lucky to ever get feedback of any kind, or any real knowledge that someone enjoyed what you did. You just can’t depend on that - you are honestly lucky if anyone says anything to you.

So to a large degree, for those of us on the on-ramp, you have to be able to be happy just knowing that your work is out there, and anything past that — ‘success’ however you define it — is kind of a bonus.  Sure, there are things you can do to try and tip odds in your favor, but there’s no Benevolent Publishing Editor looking for you to give you that big break.

Being able to make your own success has given everyone a chance, but has also reduced the odds. So…come what may.

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j-jelly asked: Hey, I was just looking through my dashboard and you were talking about Japan access to something is restricted or something. Why did that happen exactly? I'm just curious. Hopefully you haven't had this question before.








We (September Scanlations) have blocked Japanese IPs from being able to access our website (such as our scanlation site, our doujinshi site, our shopping site, etc.) because of problems with authors stumbling across their work being hosted and asking for it to be removed.

We do that when asked, but we would rather keep it up for everyone to enjoy, since that’s the only way 99.9% of people in fandom can enjoy these pieces—so we’re making it more difficult for authors to realize their work is being shared outside of Japan (since most are very unhappy knowing that non-Japanese people are reading their stuff).

This also helps us keep off the radar of publishing companies who might object to our posting manga scanlations.

The vast majority of our readers come from outside of Japan, so very few people should be affected, and if anyone has been mistakenly blocked, it’s easy enough to add them to the whitelist ^^

Hi. Don’t do this ever

lol why are western anime/manga fans so fucking awful 

Why are manga authors so awful?

how dare manga authors not want their work displayed for free on someones website

I feel like the problem really begins with the authors themselves. What kind of dickweed makes something amazing and then restricts it wholly to only people of their region? And gets UPSET if someone who’s not part of their original, intended audience happens to enjoy it?

The whole “we have to make it available for free and pretty illegitimately” issue only arises BECAUSE of the author’s complete unwillingness to allow more than their target audience to enjoy their work. At worst, they could allow people to post up fan-translations for English (and other language) readers and simply let more people enjoy their work, and at best they could work out deals to get their work spread around to a larger fanbase and make more money off of it.

Sorry, but I don’t care who you are and what you make; if you take your work too seriously, or if you do shitty stuff like this which only serves to somehow make you feel better about yourself, I’m gonna call you out on it. I get that artists should keep self-preservation in mind and I’m totally behind actually supporting the artist, but if they’re enough of a bag of dicks to cut off a huge part of their own fanbase for no real reason (pride for their country and disdain for any other? I don’t know) they lose my respect.

I don’t really know the situation here (and I also think that these Scanlations dudes are doing some pretty shady junk) but it sounds like a bunch of Japanese artists are being way too overprotective of their work. I can’t support someone screwing over all their fans who don’t happen to live in their country.

This is the most entitled and stupid response to justifying art theft I have ever heard in my life

Seriously. Don’t try to coat your excuses in bullshit — you feel entitled to steal an artist’s work and have decided to do it explicitly against the artist’s wishes. Spin it any goddamn way you want, but that is theft, and you are stealing. 

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Being a woman is kind of like being a cyclist in a city where all the cars represent men. You’re supposed to be able to share the road equally with cars, but that’s not how it works. The roads are built for cars and you spend a great deal of physical and mental energy being defensive and trying not to get hurt. Some of the cars WANT you to get hurt. They think you don’t have any place on the road at all. And if you do get hurt by a car, everyone makes excuses that it’s your fault.

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PODCAST Ep. 4 - Learn By Doing

PODCAST Ep. 4 – Learn By Doing

Lots of developments since our last podcast – Kim is making big moves to pursue her dreams, Maria had some major professional firsts. There’s plenty to catch up on and we’ve both learned a ton, so let’s get to it.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

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MeCAF 2014 con report! & what I learned as a first-time exhibitor

MeCAF 2014 con report! & what I learned as a first-time exhibitor

Brief con report! MeCAF poster - photo by Scott Springer

MeCAF poster – photo by Scott Springer

MeCAF 2014 was absolutely wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience – I am still just filled with happy feelings from it. (I already can’t wait for next year.)  MeCAF was in a new venue this year, and the con really benefited from this venue change. Everyone was in the same space and it was really energizing to be…

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See you at MeCAF 2014 - table 36!

See you at MeCAF 2014 – table 36!

Red Flag comic - cover previewMeCAF is this Sunday, May 18 (2014)! and I will be selling copies of my BRAND-SPANKIN-NEW comic, Red Flag! They are about as hot off the presses as you can get, short of actually being physically hot to the touch (I don’t want to burn any readers).

I will be sitting at table 36 with my buddy Scott Springer, and I will be very happy to meet you!  In addition to selling copies of Red Flag, I’ll…

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